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Welcome to The Boop

Okoa Pet’s Loving, All-Natural Pet Health Blog

A “boop” is a way for your pets to show how much they love you. Reading “The Boop” is a way for you to show your pets how much you love them – by acquiring authoritative, up-to-date information to ensure they’re getting everything they need for healthy, happy lives.

The Boop logo Adorable puppy booping his papa

10 Tips To Help Your Dog Cope With Fireworks Anxiety

Do fireworks freak out your dog? Do they shake, drool, and cry when your neighborhood is lighting up with bangs and booms? It’s natural for dogs to feel afraid of…

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Welcome to “The Boop”

Okoa Pet’s Loving, All-Natural Pet Health Blog A “boop” is a way for your pets to show how much they love you. Reading “The Boop” is a way for you…

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10 Fantastic Signs You Are Raising a Healthy Dog

All dog owners want to know that their four-legged friend is happy and healthy. Because they can’t tell us what is wrong themselves (if only!), it’s useful to have a…

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How to Calm a Stressed Dog

Do you have an anxious dog? Oftentimes, people who take in pets find their beloved pals have a hard time remaining calm. In fact, studies have found that more than…

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6 Telltale Signs of Joint Pain in Dogs and How You Can Help

Do you have a pet in your family? Many people consider pets an important part of the household. To some, they might even be the reason why they get up…

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7 Ways to Ease Your Cat’s Anxiety Naturally

You’re probably familiar with the terms “fraidy cat” or “scaredy-cat”.   Well, anxiety and fear in cats are a real issue.  In fact, 24% of all cats (more than 22 million)…

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CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety: The Facts You Need to Know

In 2020, the CBD pet market reached $37.4 million. By 2027, the market could reach $399.2 million. More pet owners are recognizing the benefits of giving their pets CBD. What…

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Tips for Helping Your Dog With Separation Anxiety

Did you know that 85 million U.S. families own pets? That’s about 67% of American homes. 63 million of the U.S. families that own pets have dogs.  Are you one…

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CBD for Cat Anxiety. Everything you Need to Know.

In this article, we will help you understand how CBD may help relieve the symptoms of your cat’s anxiety by promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. If you’re a…

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How Do I Know if My Cat has Anxiety? 8 Signs to Look for

How do you know if your cat has anxiety? Many owners interpret signs of cat anxiety as bad behavior or cats being “their douchy selves”, but in reality, many behavioral…

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What Is Holistic Pet Care?

Holistic pet care sounds like a great idea. After all, people often say they’re taking a more holistic approach to their healthcare. They say they’re going to work “from the inside,…

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